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Want To Become A Successful Blogger? How To Get Money Through Blogs

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Want to be a successful blogger, and have income from the internet! How to? the way is very easy, soon you will get the knowledge here.

Although becoming a YouTuber is very promising a large income, but for some people still choose to become a blogger. To become a YouTuber is very easy.

If you do not believe, now you can prove it by making any content, surely you will soon be famous.

But to be a successful blogger, it’s very difficult. Why? because to become a blogger you need, unique works and imagination so that content readers don’t get bored easily, and always re-read it over and over again.

Being a blogger is not just concerned with a value, but rather gives an answer to the problems faced by someone. Any knowledge will not be useful if we just save yourself, that’s the great thing about being a blogger.

Being a successful blogger, can not be done with just one night or as easy as the lips say. To become a successful blogger we must learn a few tips, so that the quality we publish is not in vain, or not indexed by search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex.

The function of the search engine is to transfer what is sought by humans, present the best possible answers, and as much as possible bring up the answers to what is sought every / second.

Below are some tips on becoming a successful blogger, and earning money through blogs.

What are the tips, let’s peel it completely, so that you no longer waste time on things that don’t work.

#1.Make pleasure as income

Everyone must have pleasure, the difference is that pleasure produces, or spends money. I don’t know what you like to produce or not … I don’t want to discuss that.

There are many ways to achieve success, I do not force anyone to things you do not like. But for this you must consider if you want to become a successful blogger.

To become a successful blogger, the first thing you have to do is love your work. When you are a blogger, you have to be happy doing anything.

Make it fun so you don’t feel burdened, learn, then think further about how to get money through the blog that you created.

On average they are successful in the world of blogging, because love is not solely because of money. If your first intention to build a blog to get money then it’s difficult.

I’m not saying it’s hard to get money through blogs, but you will be a lazy person if you don’t read through this article. There are many ways to earn money through blogs, you can become an affiliate partner, or partner with an advertising network.

Make your favorite income, if not, ‘then you will immediately despair and stop being a blogger, because you are too pushy.

#2. Do keyword research

Keywords are an important element in determining a blog topic, or in making blog posts. To create a quality blog, we are required to research the right keywords. If we create a blog just for fun, it doesn’t need this process.

How do you find the right keywords? the way to do it is by writing directly in the search engine. before you start and decide to make a blog, of course you have previously thought about, what is suitable and describe yourself.

So that your keywords are right on target, then you should use terms that match like the image below, keywords can be any name, name of person, place, or words related to the keywords you want.

My advice for naming a blog is to use short words, why? because the names and keywords are short, will be easy to remember and will usually be easy and often, displayed by search engines.

I do not forbid you to use very long keywords, but it would be better if you use short keywords. Short keywords will be fully displayed in the URL / Permalink of your blog.

#3. Important blog topics

The niche of a blog is very important if you want to compete on the top pages of search engines,Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex and other search engines. Getting a lot of blog visitors will get quite a lot of income. Blog niche is very important

What is a niche blog?

Niche blog is a term used by bloggers to mark a blog, or a website page that discusses a particular topic, so that it is clear about the topic discussed.

How to determine the exact niche of the blog? the answer is point number two, which is using keyword research.Niche blogs that are still popular and bring in high traffic visitors there are 6 namely about;

1.1 Health,
1.2 Technology,
1.3 Tutorials include blogging tutorials, website building tutorials, vloger tutorials, tutorials for becoming a YouTuber, and many more related to tutorials
1.4 Traveling
1.5 Financial business, stock topics, banks, credit cards, insurance, investments
1.6 The topic of self development

Of the six that I recommend, which is suitable to describe your blog. I hope you have determined the niche correctly so that you can succeed with your pride blog.

Until now I actually still do not believe about, the effectiveness of a niche that you read now also has a very large niche, but praise God still brings a fair amount of traffic.

From my perspective, it’s actually not the niche that determines the high traffic of a blog, but the content itself. Because the content is clear, and explaining the points that readers need will be more effective.

#4. Choose a domain name

The domain of a blog is very important if you want to compete with other blogger competitors. The domain will determine the quality of a website in the eyes of search engines. The spider machine will detect a website or blog that has its own domain name.

Domains are also used by search engines like Google to provide good value. Apart from that the domain of a blog, will affect search pages all over the world.

I recommend Bluehost for the purchase of a domain name. Besides buying a domain, Bluehost also has many services that we get, rent hosting or more than that.

To get super tuna, you need quality bait, that’s the way to get money from the internet. Don’t just fish with an empty hook but it must be filled with good bait.An important domain for a blog.

#5. Choosing the right platform for a blog

For a cup of coffee you will not mind spending $ 25 for one drink, but do you still think to build a quality blog, with a quality platform.

You might be able to create a blog by choosing a free one, but it won’t be effective if you want to become a successful blogger. You won’t find any advantages, if you keep using the free platform.

And you will find enough tools, to complete and optimize your blog. if there is a better and more effective why is there reject it?

Everyone will not choose complicated things that make us difficult, including me and many people. If you want to become a successful blogger you should follow my advice, use the WordPress platform to build your cool blog.

If you really want to build a blog that is able to make money, build it with the WordPress platform. You will be amazed because you will find a tool that can make your blog and your blog’s name immediately become the top, or commonly called ‘Page one list.

Are you ready to develop your creativity and hobby with WordPress? do it right away, or you will just waste time, if you still use the free platform.

#6. Make the content interesting and easy for readers to understand

How to make interesting blog content? the way is to use good language and not use abusive, racist and harassing anyone.

To create content that attracts readers, use hearts and feelings when we write articles. Position ourselves as readers, and don’t compare readers to machines that don’t have feelings.

Interesting and unique content features;
1# Regular and orderly paragraphs
2# Using language that is easy to understand without reducing the essence described
3# Use spelling and punctuation in each paragraph
4# Arranged core arrangement, Article title, topic or core and concluding

Content that is easy to understand will make the reader comfortable, and feel at home for a long time on your blog. If the points above are in the content that you publish on your blog, then I make sure you will become a successful blogger.

To create quality content, you must learn to write correctly, the more often it will be better for you to write, quality articles.

In addition to writing a good article, visuals in each subject are also very important. Try to imagine reading someone else’s article, with 2000 vocabulary or more in the form of writing.

Surely you will quickly feel bored, right? that’s where the point of the image to represent the contents of the content you write.

It takes about 10 seconds to understand a piece of writing, but in less than 3 seconds our eyes and brain will capture an image. An image is very important to support the article you are writing to make it more interesting to your blog readers.

#7. The appearance of the theme must be interesting

The appearance of an interesting blog will make the reader comfortable. Use any theme that can spoil the eyes of our blog readers. Do not use excessive attributes,or put too many ads,because it will interfere with our blog readers.

As much as possible use a responsive theme, so that during the process of loading the blog page is not heavy. Use a theme that is mobile-friendly, because now almost everyone accesses the internet through, smart devices in the form of gadgets.

#8. Pull your blog audience’s traffic correctly

There are two blog traffic that can make you successful, and get money through blogs, Organic traffic and Paid traffic.

What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is the traffic that a blog naturally comes to, visiting the blog. Organic traffic usually comes from search engines, because someone is looking for certain keywords.

The benefits of organic traffic to a blog are, we will get a high ranking from search engines, because it often appears in the search box blog.

To get organic traffic, then you must understand about SEO [search engine optimization] applying keywords correctly, so that the keywords we target can appear, when the reader writes the keywords.

And the second way to get blog traffic is paid traffic. What do you mean by paid traffic? paid traffic is to pay to get targeted traffic, both geographically and according to the interests of the reader.

To register paid traffic you can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Intagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Twiter Ads or you can also use third-party services, but with traffic records must be really human, not robots who deliberately manipulate blog traffic.


To become a successful blogger, you have to learn how to make, optimizing equipment to the maximum. Every person encounters different difficulties, depending on where you solve them.

We cannot blame others, or blame this article if your efforts have not been successful, but with my belief and experience over the years, you can also succeed in a different way.

To get money through a blog is very easy, if we know how to start. Learn and learn to find out the mistakes we are experiencing.If we want to be successful, we must force ourselves to move, from one place to another.

Consistency is also needed for you if you want to become a successful blogger.

Do you know how long they have been successful in the world of blogging? very long. To be a successful blogger you need high patience if you want, our work is enjoyed by the world.I hope you become the next successful blogger …..

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